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Local teen and her service dog share inseparable bond

(WBNG) — As the country mourns the death of President H.W. Bush, his service dog Sully has gained a lot of attention.

12 News spoke with a local teen who also has a service dog and understands the special bond that can be formed.

“He relied on that dog to get him around, I rely on my dog to keep me safe,” said Freya Randall.

The 15-year-old suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and diabetes.

Her dog Bauer alerts her when her blood sugar rises or falls. It also comforts her when she goes into a panic.

“If I am in desperate need for help, Bauer will get that help. She will not leave my side until I need her to,” said Randall.

They met 10 months ago and have only spent one day apart since then.

Randall says when Bauer is working, she’s never more than one foot away.

While their time together is just getting started, Randall said, “If she dies, I don’t want to have to live without her. She is my best friend.”

Julia Gorman

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