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$20 million coming to the Southern Tier through the Greater Binghamton Fund

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — Officials announced $20 million of funding is coming to the Southern Tier through the Greater Binghamton Fund. This funding will be spread across the village of Endicott, downtown Binghamton, and the village of Johnson City.

“It’s going to really create opportunities as projects get implemented. People are going to get excited about these three communities even more so than they are today and want to come in and also invest in the communities,” Kimberly Baptiste, government practice leader at Bergmann, said.

Bergmann is an architecture and engineering firm involved with these projects.

Three types of projects will be eligible for this funding: housing projects, commercial mixed-use projects, and public realm improvements.

Specifically in Endicott, some projects include demolishing the Endicott Inn, redeveloping the Henry B. Endicott School, and cleanup of the Huron Advanced Manufacturing Hub.

“It’s a huge thing. Not many people get handed $20 million to invest in their downtown cores everyday,” Bergmann said.

Grace Gagnon

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