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December weather is here

AFTERNOON: Mostly cloudy with snow showers. 0-1” 30% High 26 (24-30) Wind NW 10-20 G25 mph

TONIGHT: Partly to mostly cloudy. Low 14 (10-18) Wind W 3-8 mph

SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy, scattered snow showers. 0-1” 30% High 28 (28-32) Wind W 5-10 mph

SATURDAY NIGHT: Partly cloudy. Low 18 Wind W Calm-5 mph

FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy with mixed precipitation. Less than 20% High 42 Low 30

With a brisk northwest wind, we’ll have mostly cloudy skies with scattered lake effect snow showers. Winds diminish tonight with temperatures in the teens.

Brian Schroeder

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