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Broome County Sheriff’s Office shares tips to protect holiday gifts from burglars

TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) — While many are enjoying new electronics or jewelry, burglars may be on the prowl to find which home has the nicest new stuff. The Broome County Sheriff’s Office has a few tips to keep valuables safe following the holiday.

Capt. Kate Newcomb said the first step is being cautious with your garbage.

“Quite honestly your trash says a lot about you. It says a lot about what you have in your house,” Newcomb said.

Newcomb said potential burglars will often go through garbage, looking for empty boxes indicating what valuables may be inside someone’s home. However, she said there are ways to keep burglars away.

“Let’s say you got a large screen TV, to either wait until garbage night or the morning of your garbage pickup to put that stuff out or consider turning the cardboard box inside out so it’s not readily accessible to show exactly what you have in your house,” Newcomb said.

Newcomb said keeping valuables out of plain sight is another important reminder.

“Just be aware and be smart. Be aware of what you can see through your windows,” said Newcomb. “The same with your cars.”

She also suggests keeping track of all valuables. An easy way to do so is by logging an item’s serial number. The serial number can found above the barcode on an item. Having this information about an item will help officials track it should someone steal it.

“When we go to a house and we take a report of something that’s stolen, one of the first things we’re going to ask for is the make, model, and the serial number of whatever that particular item was,” Newcomb said.

If you do come home and feel like someone broke in, Newcomb said do not go into your home. She said call the police and wait for an officer to check things out.




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