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Ring in 2019 in a safe way, authorities say make a plan

(WBNG) — Authorities want to make sure the community is safe on New Year’s Eve. They suggest you secure a ride home for after the ball drops.

“New Year’s Eve has a lot more people going out for the night, they want to celebrate,” said Broome County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Ben Harting.

He says this can mean a rise in drinking.

“The chances of encountering somebody who’s under the influence of alcohol or an accident definitely increases,” said Harting.

He says to have a plan and secure a ride home for after the party.

“It’ll cost you maybe twenty dollars for an Uber ride versus 10,000 dollars for a DUI conviction or worse if you were to hurt or kill somebody,” he said.

Schimmerling Law Offices are offering a free taxi ride Monday night. Between midnight and four in the morning, the firm will pay for your ride home if you call this number: (607) 779-1000.

Tom Schimmerling has been providing this service for 22 years, saying, “I thought if we could for that one night get these people off the road, it would help.”

Meanwhile authorities warn they’re on the lookout for drunk drivers with everything from checkpoints to extra patrols out on the roads.

Harting says to enjoy the night out, but remember, “it’s really not worth to take somebody’s life, just because you didn’t feel the need to want to get a ride with somebody else.”

Julia Gorman

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