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Local federal employee weathering government shutdown

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — About 20 people of the 800,000 workers, who are either furloughed or forced with no pay, work at the Binghamton National Weather Service. They are continuing to stay committed to keeping the Southern Tier informed and safe during this weekend’s snow storm.

“Weather doesn’t shut down and neither do we,” said Mark Pellerito of the National Weather Service Employees Organization.

He said he knows federal employees who can’t get proper medical treatment they need, because they have no income coming in. Pellerito said some people can’t even retire or start a job with the government due to certain procedures within these organizations being halted.

While the Binghamton National Weather Service office is closed, it’s still operating to issues winter weather watches, warnings and advisories for this weekend.

“We’ll continue to forecast to the best of our ability,” said Pellerito. “Watches and warnings whatever we have to do.”

Pellerito explained to 12 News that certain training and research are not going on currently, because unlike information regarding current weather, they’re not considered essential operations during this shutdown.

“It’s a bit challenging to do the job, to focus on the mission to the best of our ability when things are unraveling at home,” exclaimed Pellerito who is unsure when he’ll see his next paycheck.

Thursday is day 27 of the government shutdown.

Michael Schwartz

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