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The L’Amoreaux sisters – 12 Sports Athletes of the Week

UNION (WBNG) – In Maine-Endwell’s win over Ithaca on Friday, Allison L’amoreaux hurt her ankle just three minutes into the game and fought through the pain to score 19 point she Spartans.

“A girl like Ally, you don’t have to worry about when she is going to show up,” said Maine-Endwell head coach Brianna Thompson. “Even in practices she can play injured, she can play tired, she can play sick.”

“I just couldn’t stand not going back in the game,”  said Maine-Endwell junior Allison L’Amoreaux. “Part of me knew I had to go back in even if I wasn’t fine.”

“That girl limped through the entire game, playing hard, again because she was there to help our team win,” said Thompson.

Allison’s 19 points were good for second on the team and the only player to score more points on the night was her little sister Kaetlyn.

“She is my best friend, I can tell her anything,” said Allison.

“It is honestly one of the best things because I love my sister so much,” said eighth grader Kaetlyn L’Amoreaux.

The 8th grader had 24 points in her first start with the varsity team.

“She carried her team in that 4th quarter, she lit it up and she helped us big time with that win.” said Thompson.

With Katelyn being three years younger, this is the first time the two have been on the same team

“We have really good chemistry, I feel like I know her and what she likes to do and what I like to do,” said Kaetlyn.

“She really pushes me to be a better player because we are so comfortable with each other and I don’t mind pushing her a little more than I do my other friends and we get a little tiffy sometimes but it is all for the better,” said Allison.

“It is a love hate relationship, they are competitive, they are sisters,” said Thompson.

Through the sibling arguments, the two could not be happier to finally be playing basketball together.

“It is a really good relationship,” said Kaetlyn.

“It is really nice to have someone understand you like that on the court,” said Allison.

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