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A look inside at how a local road crew prepares for weekend snow storm

TOWN OF BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — We all know it’s a certainty plows and crews will be out and about keeping up with whatever snow heads this way. What some people don’t know is the process that goes into getting equipment and people ready for such an event. In the Town of Binghamton, they’ve got their entire fleet ready to go.

“Four ten-wheelers on the road, one single axel, and then four smaller one ton dump trucks on the road. Everything is equipped with a plow and a wing,” said Michael Donahue, Town of Binghamton Highway Superintendent.

The plow and the wing help the driver clear snow in front of them and along the shoulder of the road while also laying salt down. All of the plow drivers for the Town of Binghamton have worked and trained to perfect doing this over the years.

Not only do they have to focus on plowing and salting the roads, but they also have to watch for other drivers.

“Only thing is you got to watch, you know, I’ll be showing you on Dands Road. There’s a lot of tight corners where you got to be ready to pull that wing in because there might be a car coming around that corner,” said Pat Wagner, plow driver and employee for the Highway Department of the Town of Binghamton.

Each plow truck is equipped with lights to help drivers see at all angles at night while plowing as well.

With only a couple of days until the storm, local crews are ready to roll and serve the people they call their neighbors.

“Pretty much through the operation we’ll just continue to plow. After the storm goes through then we’ll start clean up,” said Donahue.

“You know, it makes you feel good. You’re doing a service to your community and for your town. It makes you feel good,” said Wagner.

With that in mind, the crew for the Town of Binghamton will continue to prepare for the weekend knowing that they won’t stop until the snow has ended and everyone is dug out.

Damon Matson

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