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Binghamton Ice Fest and Chili Competition

The non profit Broome Winterworks Inc. is hosting the Binghamton Ice Fest and Chili Competition.

It will have a number of things including an ice carving display and demonstration on Court Street in downtown Binghamton. These kind of displays are incredibly popular in other cities and Ice Fest is looking to bring some of the fun right into the heart of the city.

There will be 8 single block ice carvings on display,2 separate ice carving demonstrations (tentatively at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.), 1 hockey themed carved ice design for photo opportunities for the family, 1 ice throne design for photo opportunities for the family, 1 ice fire tower (tentatively scheduled to light this at 3 p.m.)

Animal Adventure will also be onsite with a portable petting zoo.

Local individuals, organizations, and businesses have been invited to participate in a chili tasting competition. Chili tasting tickets will be available the day of at a central booth at the event. There will be a booth setup in the metro center plaza off Court Street where the general public can buy chili tickets.

Prices are:
3 tickets for $5
7 tickets for $10
15 tickets for $20

If you buy the 15 tickets for $20 you will also get a ballot to vote for the people choice as best chili. Ballots will be collected at our ticket booth.

Participating businesses include:

Binghamton Hots
Binghamton Pond Festival 2019 Refrigerated Outdoor Hockey
Boricua Soul Catering & Sweets
Chroma Cafe & Bakery
The Colonial
DIFD & Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier
Dos Rios Cantina
The Loft at 99
Pinkies Barbeque
Rent A Chef Catering Services of Binghamton
Smokey Legend Gourmet BBQ
Water Street Brewing Co.

Binghamton Ice Fest & Chili Competition is on January 19 froom 12 to 6 p.m. It’s $5 general admission, $8 general admission with five chili tickets, free for kids under 13 and additional chili tickets cost $1 each.

If you are interested in serving chili or volunteering please email

Kara Conrad

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