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Grocery shoppers stock up on bread, milk, eggs and football Sunday essentials

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — With the snow possibly leaving people snowed in, many are stocking up on bread, milk, and eggs ahead of the storm.

Jeremy Latimer, Weis district manager, said his stores have been preparing for crowds all week long.

“The good news is this time we had significant notice so we’ve been anticipating the storm for some time,” Latimer said.

Latimer said people are coming in for more than just the essentials.

“The reality is for this weekend too, we also have NFL playoffs so it’s not just making sure you have enough food to get by but if we’re gonna be stuck at home on Sunday to make sure we have everything we need,” Latimer said.

Latimer said there’s been a steady flow of people all week, but anticipates crowds to come in on Saturday. He said shelves will remain fully stocked throughout.

“We have additional trucks coming in with milk, eggs, bread, all those deliveries in house before the snow hits so we can make sure we were able take care of our customers.” Latimer said.

12 News caught up with customers, who had carts full of the essentials as well as other fun snacks.

“My daughter’s coming in from Manhattan so she’s requested macaroni and cheese so the fixings for comfort food for being snowed in by the fireplace,” Karen Vojtisek, of Owego, said.

Vojtisek said she’s ready for the snow.

A Weis spokesperson says all Weis locations are handled separately, and a decision is made if it gets to a point where the weather becomes unsafe for associates.

Grace Gagnon

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