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How to keep your home safe during the winter storm

(WBNG) — Though it may be tempting to just watch the snow fall, you’re going to want to make sure your house stays safe with how much snow is coming. This process first starts with making sure you don’t let the cold in.

“It’s not uncommon to shovel your driveway and leave the garage door open. That’s not a good thing. All the cold air is going in there and could reek havoc on your pipes, freeze them,” said Chris Holleran, Vice President of Auchinachie Services.

The next biggest concern with so much snow is keeping outside fixtures as clear as possible. This is especially true for dryer and heating vents, which if backed up could push carbon monoxide inside your home.

“You want to make sure those are clear and if not it’s going to send codes back to the equipment that it can’t vent and it’ll shut it down. It’s not going to be able to get air or deposit the carbon monoxide,” said Holleran.

Another potential danger would be from gas leaks caused by snow covering your home’s gas meter.

“The gas meter, some of them have vents on them. The snow builds up above the gas meters and it will clog the vents and create a gas leak. The gas can flow into your house,” said Michael Norton, Chenango Bridge Fire Chief.

And if you can, safely dig out any fire hydrants. If a fire were to occur, this would save valuable time.

“Helping us help you. Go out, clear out a fire hydrant. You got 20 inches of snow around a fire hydrant it takes one fire fighter about ten minutes or so to clear a good path around the fire hydrant,” said Norton.

While you enjoy all of the snow just keep some of these tips in mind so that you and your family avoid potential problems and stay safe.

Damon Matson

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