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How winter weather could impact your health

(WBNG) — Winter weather is on its way to the Southern Tier and it could have a negative impact on your health.

“When you go from a normal temperature, such as inside your house, to an extreme temperature, like the cold, you can end up having major changes in the way blood is circulating in your body,” said Dr. Jerry Pudusseri, a cardiologist at Lourdes Hospital.

Pudusseri says to be careful if you have to be in the snow.

“It can make it harder for the heart to get good blood flow and on top of that if you add things like shoveling snow, even using a snow blower, or walking in the snow, you can significantly put more stress on the heart,” said Pudusseri.

12 News learned from the experts on how to make sure to properly shovel.

“We want to lift and turn our whole body and dump and notice I’m taking small amounts of snow,” said Lourdes Hospital Occupational Therapist Mitchell Hillegas. “We don’t want to take huge clumps where this is going to make that shovel a little heavier.”

“That’s where we really want to make sure that people are cautious not to over exert themselves with activities that might end up putting induced stress to their heart,” explained Pudusseri.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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