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Weekend snow: Parking rules for Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott

(WBNG) — With significant snow accumulations expected Saturday into Sunday, local municipalities have released information related to parking on the street.


Mayor Rich David and City of Binghamton public safety officials are urging all residents to refrain from parking on city streets over the weekend to assist with snow-removal operations.

Binghamton’s alternate side parking rules remain in effect, but city officials say not parking on the roads at all will help snow plows and emergency crews keep both lanes clear.

“This is especially important for narrow streets, one-way streets and areas with heavy on-street parking. Residents are strongly encouraged to move their vehicles off the street and into driveways, public garages or lots at City parks,” Mayor David said in a news release.

This weekend also marks the return of several thousand Binghamton University students from winter break, adding to the challenge of more vehicles on neighborhood streets.

Students returning from break are asked to plan ahead to ensure they are parked safely and in accordance with city rules during the storm.

Authorities say the Binghamton Police Department will be aggressively enforcing alternate side parking rules during this snow event to ensure plows can access streets and operate safely.

According to city officials, vehicles parked illegally and blocking plow routes will be towed.

In a news release, Mayor David and City public safety personnel thanked all residents in advance for their cooperation.

Johnson City:

Johnson City residents are being asked to please move their vehicles off the street during the snow event to help the snow plows clear the streets and to help emergency vehicles get through.

Alternate side parking and Snow Emergency Route rules will be strictly enforced, according to the village. Vehicles parked in violation are subjected to fines and/or towing.

Officials say parking on the following roads is strictly prohibited until all plowing operations have been completed:

Ackley Avenue
Baldwin Street
Burbank Avenue
Floral Avenue
Grand Avenue
Harry L Drive
Lester Avenue
Oakdale Road
Robinson Hill Road

Johnson City officials have authorized free overnight parking in all municipal parking lots from Saturday through Tuesday:

* Municipal lot between Broad St & Willow St
* Municipal lot @ Village Hall
* Municipal lot on Avenue C, across from the Police Station
* Municipal lot @ Main St & Arch St (Isabell Lot)
* Northside Park, CFJ Park, Floral Park & Boland Park
* JC Senior Center on Brocton Street


Nicky Hickling

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