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Broome County using cost-effective way to treat frozen roads

TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) — The Broome County Highway Department said snow removal went well during last weekend’s snow storm, but now they’re focused on keeping the roads from being slippery.

When the temperature goes below ten degrees salt becomes ineffective so crews use a mixture of salt and sand to treat the roads.

“It’s 60 percent sand and forty percent salt,” said Broome County Highway Department Deputy Commissioner, Mark Quail. “It saves us a lot of money because the cost of salt has gone up by 20 percent this year.”

Quail said chains were put on all plows, usually something that isn’t done, but it kept plow drivers safe.

We had zero problems with trucks going off the road, and it worked out really well.

Another option is magnesium chloride, but Quail said that is more expensive and corrosive to the pavement.

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Michael Schwartz

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