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Brindisi speaks out about government shutdown at first town hall

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — One day after the federal government reopened, 12 News caught up with Congressman Anthony Brindisi at his first Binghamton town hall to see what he had to say.

More than 100 people packed the American Legion Post 1645 Saturday afternoon, Brindisi says, “I’m looking forward to doing many more and hearing from the constituents.”

The hot topic on the table, the recent government shutdown.

“It was never a good idea to shut the government down,” said Brindisi, “I’m glad that the government is up and running, I’m looking forward to working with democrats and republicans to try and come up with some solutions to strengthen our borders.”

When it comes to border security, he says he could support funding for physical barriers, but thinks other add-on’s are necessary.

“Investments in technology at the border, you have to have more border agents and if we can throw in there some other immigration reforms that have been hampering us for the last couple years we should try and get that done too.”

While former school teacher Ed Engleman isn’t a fan of the wall idea, he said he was on board with Brindisi’s approach, saying, “some physical barriers are probably necessary.”

Topics discussed ranged from gun control and veteran affairs to education and climate change.

“A lot of the questions were about bridge building and infrastructure, it’s a lot of what I do and it seemed like Brindisi was pretty knowledgeable you know about the information. At the town hall there was a lot of different questions from a lot of different people, it covered a lot of the politics of this area. I gotta tell you, I like it, I’ll definitely be attending the next one,” said John Fred from Binghamton.

Brindisi says he plans on having a town hall on a monthly basis in order to visit all the counties he represents.

Congress has until February 15 to come up with a deal on border security that President Donald Trump will support.

Julia Gorman

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