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Local farmers take extra precautions to keep livestock safe in bitter cold

TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — As the wind chill is in the negatives throughout the Southern Tier, farmers are taking extra steps to make sure their livestock are staying safe.

Walter Wright is a co-owner of Fourth Wright Farm and says the cows are better suited for the cold than we are.

“They’re made to be able to stand the cold. They like to get out of the wind, they don’t like to get wet a lot, but they can stay in the snow be out in the cold,” he said.

Wright says the most important thing to do to protect cattle from the cold is to make sure they have enough food.

“They’re probably eating almost 50 percent more when it’s this cold because that’s the way they keep warm because their digestion all works that way to maintain their body temperature,” said Wright.

At his farm, along with the food, they have plenty of water and bedding packs for the cows to rest on to stay warm and out of the wind.

“Yes it’s cold, yes it’s windy, yes some of our tractors don’t want to start, yeah we had our water froze up, but you gotta take care of the animals because they depend on us and that’s what our living is and that’s the right thing to do, to take care of the animals,” Wright explained. “All you can do is bundle up and get to work, go back in the house and get warm but then put on all your clothes so you can almost not walk, but you can take care of the critters.”

Jackie Prager

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