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12 NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Beagles ‘Trooper’ and ‘Adam’ adopted by loving family

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Beagle best friends Trooper and Adam have found their forever home. 12 News caught the exciting moment Saturday.

Back in December, New York State Police say a truck driver claims he saw the two dogs thrown from a moving SUV on Interstate 81.

Both dogs were injured and had to be separated for treatment. Trooper underwent a leg amputation.

Just over 50 days later, however, the two were back on their paws and ready for adoption.

“It’s really a bittersweet day, but it’s nice to see them go home to such an amazing family,” said Broome County Humane Society Adoption Coordinator Todd Hubik.

Their new home is in Earlville, New York where they’ll be cared for by Connie and Roger Miller.

The couple was picked from more than 100 applicants. Qualifications including an up-to-par vet report, references and keeping the dog duo together.

“We were interested in getting a couple of dogs, we always wanted to have two together,” said Roger.

The couple met the dogs Friday and brought them home on Saturday.

Connie describes the moment they met, “as soon as they walked into the room, it was just they’re going home, if we were prepared we would have taken them home last night.”

The new parents couldn’t be prouder to brag about the newest additions to their family.

“Adam is just full of life, he loves to play, run, fetch, catch and Trooper just kind of the laid back kind of dog, but he loves his partner, so yeah that’s how we feel about it, it’s awesome,” said Roger.

“They’re full of energy and you would never think that something this tragic happened to them,” said Connie.

Julia Gorman

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