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Artist and former WBNG employee Ned Weisman showcases photography exhibit at First Friday

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — First Friday goers got the chance to meet the man behind a photography exhibit, who has ties to Binghamton as well as WBNG.

Friday night at Lost Dog, the photography of Ned Weisman was displayed all throughout the restaurant.

Weisman has worn many hats in the art and video production world. After graduating from Binghamton University with a film degree, he got his career started in the late 1970s at WBNG. There he ran studio cameras, field cameras and eventually became a director.

After his departure from the station, he moved to Los Angeles, where he remained until last year. He worked on Hollywood productions, doing 3D editing for James Cameron’s Avatar and on the pilot episodes of Power Rangers and All That, while working on his own independent productions.

Weisman left L.A. in February 2018, leaving behind his Hollywood career and ex-wife. He lived in Tuscon, AZ and Ithaca, NY before buying a house in Binghamton in August 2018.

His First Friday display is mostly a collection of the photographs taken in the year traveling across the country and settling into Binghamton. He says photography will be the next area of his life to explore.

“The idea is if you are present and you can see and you open your eyes, beauty is everywhere. And I try to see the beauty in everything,” says Weisman. “It’s like little droplets of time. Time is a stream, and if you can catch the little droplets you can freeze time and really appreciate the moment. That’s what I’m doing with photography.”

Now that he’s made his art debut in the southern tier, he says his next project will be determined by whatever next life experience inspires him.

“Those are the experiences that I look for, that’s real. There’s no decision about whether it’s art or not, who cares? It’s real,” Weisman says.

Anyone who bought one of his photographs also got to take home a piece of his homemade cheesecake.



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