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Rock band ‘Flame’ celebrates the ‘ability’, in disability

NICHOLS (WBNG) — The next time someone says disabled people aren’t able to do the same things as people who are able bodied, tell them the story of Andrew Carpenter.

Carpenter uses music and singing to express himself, and says what many consider a disability is actually a gift.

“They don’t understand that a disability you’re born with is like a super power in a way,” Carpenter said Saturday. “It brings out a special part of you that no one else has.”

Carpenter is part of the rock band Flame, an internationally-renowned group who has performed not just across the U.S., but in Europe and Japan as well. All of the members of the band have a disability, and they were brought to perform at Tioga Downs by Lions Badger Camp, a summer camp whose participants also all have special needs.

“Everybody has a different way to be reached, so during the camp year we are able to do all kinds of things,” said Pat Gillulie, the executive director of the camp. “We do have a music program, we also have arts & crafts, athletics, all kinds of fun things.”

For more information on Flame, visit their website, and if you are interested in learning more about Lions’ Badger Camp, click here.

Josh Rosenblatt

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