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Cases of Whooping Cough detected in Tioga County, health officials say

TIOGA COUNTY (WBNG) — The Tioga County Health Department is warning parents to be on the lookout for signs of Whooping Cough after several cases have been recorded.

Multiple cases of Pertussis, known commonly as Whooping Cough, has been handled by the health department in recent weeks, according to health officials.

Pertussis is a highly contagious disease of the respiratory system, the health department stated in a news release. The health department says these could be symptoms of Whooping Cough:

  • Rapid coughs followed by a high-pitch “whoop” sound
  • Vomiting during or following coughing fits
  • Exhaustion following coughing fits

Officials with the Tioga County Health Department advise those with symptoms similar to Whooping Cough to stay home from school or work, along with avoiding close contact with others, washing hands often, and not sharing cups or water bottles with anyone.

Those with questions are advised to contact their health care provider or the Tioga County Health Department at (607) 687-8600.


David Hermanovitch

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