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Witness: Car crash at Speedway in Whitney Point was ‘100 percent scary’

WHITNEY POINT (WBNG) — New York State Police say a car crashed into a Speedway store on Route 11 in Whitney Point Tuesday.

The department says a middle-aged man from Killawog was at the wheel when he tried to pull into a parking space and his brakes failed.

“So his car instead of stopping at the front of the building actually went through, into the building slightly, breaking some of the glass in the front of the building,” said Captain Jeffrey VanAuken. “No injuries, it’s just a mechanical failure and sometimes that happens.”

It happened around 5:20 p.m. Tuesday, the same time Kyle Higley of Walton and his friends decided to stop for gas.

“It was a random stop. Me and my friends were on our way to a Syracuse basketball game,” said Higley. “It’s crazy. Because we were all going to wait to Cortland to get gas, so we were all debating and I was just like I’ll stop here.”

He says he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I saw a gentleman pull up in the corner of my eye and I looked back at the pump and I heard a big crash, so I was like oh my god what could this be? So I ran over there and it all happened in a moment, I couldn’t really think so I think I just left the gas pump in the car and ran over there,” said Higley.

Looking back, Higley says he is grateful no one was standing near where the car crashed.

“I was worried about my friend because he just went in the store and I knew he was going to go get a soda or something or go to McDonald’s so I wasn’t sure if he was there, I was worried about him,” he said.

Higley says there are only a few words to describe it.

“Crazy. Lucky. That everybody’s safe. But yeah it was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he said.

But he says there is one feeling that sticks out the most.

“Oh, it was 100 percent scary. You just have an adrenaline rush where you don’t even know what to think,” said Higley.

Workers at the Speedway location were unable to comment.

12 News reached out to Speedway corporate offices, bu we have yet to hear back.

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Annie Flaherty

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