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Businesses Prepare for Valentine’s Day Rush

BROOME COUNTY (WBNG) — Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and shops across the Southern Tier are preparing for you to purchase gifts.

“We depend on Christmas and Valentine’s to keep the factory going,” Master Chocolatier Leopold Schreiver said. “These major holidays are major candy holidays and it keeps the business steady.”

“The type of business we have here, gourmet chocolates, it’s a luxury,” Schreiver said. “It’s more expensive than normal chocolate, but still, even at the price, it’s still comparably cheap to other types of gifts.”

Another staple is flowers. Gennarelli’s Flower Shop in Binghamton expects to make more than 500 arrangements for Valentine’s Day. This accounts for ten percent of yearly sales.

“It’s something that we as florists take very seriously,” Gennarelli’s owner Victoria Paoletti said. “Preparation is the big thing for us. We start preparing probably about a week in advance to get ready for what is to come on Wednesday and Thursday.”

With the New York winter, their flowers are shipped in from California and Central America. Vases will begin to be filled on Monday to ensure freshness for Thursday.

“I think everybody has a sweetheart and they want to let them know that they are special,” Paoletti said. “They want to get Valentine flowers to show them how special they are.”

She has four drivers ready for Thursday that will be prepared to deliver your flowers no matter what the weather is like.

“There will be a line from the counter to the door probably from nine o’clock in the morning until six or seven at night,” Paoletti said. “We stay open until they stop coming and it’s definitely after dark.”

Fuddy Duddy’s makes special red fudge and truffles for the holiday in Owego. Maria Lansing says specialty wrapping is a must to display fudge or truffles.

“All the men want to come in and buy their women something special, so that’s very important,” Fuddy Duddy’s employee Maria Lansing said. “This is a place where everybody comes in and is extremely happy because who doesn’t want to buy chocolate.”

Brendan Tierney

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