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Johnson City third-graders learn about fiber arts

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Third graders at Johnson City Elementary were paid a special visit Monday morning.

Members of the Southern Tier Lamb to Loom Fiber Art Guild stopped by to teach the students about sheep’s wool, and the process it goes through to become yarn.

They showed the students how sheep’s fleece is cleaned before being spun into yarn. Lamb to Loom volunteers showed the students each step of the process, from combing the wool, to spinning it into yarn on the spinning wheel.

Lamb to Loom volunteers said this activity is much more than a simple art lesson.

“It’s also mathematics, because in fiber arts there is a ton of math involved in it also. So, it really does transcend whatever they’re studying in school. We can find a way to fit it in to that program, and help bring it to life” said Gail Welter.

Lamb to Loom also mentioned the historical lessons to be learned from this activity.

“We really don’t want to lose our traditions. We have really been blessed with several of the school districts in this area inviting us to come in and bring Colonial America to life, and to really show children, not just through reading, but touching and feeling, and actually seeing what life would’ve been like” Welter added.

Following the demonstration, students were given the chance to try out some of the tools. They also learned how to knit, crochet and weave the wool.

Dan Conklin

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