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Snow doesn’t stop morning routines in the Southern Tier

(WBNG) — The snow hit the Southern Tier just in time for the Tuesday morning commute. But many we spoke with didn’t let it ruin what they do every day.

Whether they started off their day by car, or by foot, the snow didn’t seem to phase them.

12 News caught up with one man who was jogging in Johnson City.

“I’m just taking a lap around the block,” said Steve Bessette of Johnson City. “You can’t let the snow bother you. You have to get out early.”

And many people in downtown Binghamton were doing the same things that they do day in and day out.

“I’m on my way to work at Boscov’s. I commuted in by bus and it was kind of slow but you have to brave the elements,” said Duman O’Brien of Endicott.

The only difference was they were putting in a little more effort to start their day.

“When it snows, I’ll shovel the snow and salt the walk here,” said Muckles’ Ink owner Casey Coolbaugh. “Normal routine. Trying to keep my side of the street clean.”

But for some like Frank Podrazil of Binghamton, extra effort wasn’t even required.

He heads out to Otsiningo Park every morning.

“There are usually runners and dog walkers and this and that. But no one is out and about. For what reason, I don’t know. But it’s a lovely morning to be out,” said Podrazil.

For him, this Tuesday was no different than the rest.

“Usually every morning between 6:30 and 7:00 when they open and providing what’s out and about. The geese or the squirrels. And just enjoying the outdoors and wilderness,” said Podrazil. “Even in the snow! It doesn’t bother me.”

He says if anything, the weather is another reason to help out others, including squirrels. Podrazil had a five-pound bag of peanuts to feed the animals at the park.

“All for the squirrels. They need to eat and survive too,” said Podrazil.

And his plan when he’s all done on this snowy day, is to go home and do the same thing Wednesday morning.

Annie Flaherty

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