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Remlik’s, Number 5 prep for hundreds of Valentine’s Day reservations

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Both Remlik’s and Number 5 will host hundreds of reservations on Valentine’s Day.

Remlik’s owner, Edward Wesoloski, said people started making reservations as soon as January 1.

“Tomorrow’s well over 200 all the way through the weekend,” Wesoloski said.

He said the kitchen staff is ready for the crowd.

“They just get the orders right and they are prepared. It’s fast and furious,” Wesoloski said, “where they usually go through a two hour clip that’s really hard each and every night, they’re gonna go through a four hour clip. They’re not gonna get a break.”

Even though it’s added stress, Wesoloski said the holiday makes him feel good about his job.

“It’s great to watch people come and celebrate and to make their holiday special,” Wesoloski said.

It’s a similar situation across town at Number 5.

“Every table you see will have a party of two on it,” Number 5’s owner, Jim McCoy, said.

McCoy said his team is ready as well.

“The kitchen obviously, a little more pressure on them but it’s actually pretty easy to put out because it’s all parties of two,” McCoy said, “and we’ll have some specials that I think a lot of people will go for that got prepped up and it makes it a little bit easier.”

McCoy said there are 300 reservations for Valentine’s Day, but two openings are left at 4:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. He said he expects to see a few new faces thanks to the holiday deals.

“Not everybody lines up to come in everyday because we’re kind of expensive, they tell me. This is an opportunity for some younger people perhaps to try it that have never been here before,” McCoy said.

Remlik’s is completely booked on Valentine’s Day however reservations are still available through the weekend. Both Number 5 and Remlik’s will seat people at the bar depending on availability.

Grace Gagnon

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