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“Super Cooper’s” legacy lives on with random act of kindness challenge

PORT DICKINSON (WBNG) — Students at Port Dickinson Elementary School are remembering Cooper Busch, also known as “Super Cooper,” with a random acts of kindness during the month of February.

Students are focusing on the words compassion and friendship this month, two words Super Cooper’s mom Tara Busch is pretty familiar with.

“I talked to the kids about how I’m an expert on friendship and compassion because not only have I received so much of that, I was a witness to Cooper spreading kindness and compassion and friendship through his whole life,” said Busch.

Cooper Busch died in May after a long battle with leukemia.

But in his four short years, “Cooper’s mission in life was to spread happiness and to make people smile.”

Cooper’s would-have-been Kindergarten teacher asked Busch to share some of this Cooper love, and she was glad to help out. She challenged the whole school to complete a random act of kindness.

“I really want them thinking what can I do today to make somebody smile.”

It doesn’t matter how big, who it’s for or how much it costs, just as long as it brings along a smile.

“I’m going to shovel my grandmas driveway because my grandpa can slip and fall and we don’t want that to happen,” said second grader Delia Cook.

Saying after her act, “That’ll make them have a really big smile.”

And Cooper was all about smiles.

Kindergartener Braylee Fassett plans to hold someone’s hand for her act.

“Because it makes people smile and it makes people happy,” said Fassett.

It’s an idea she got from Cooper, who would have been her Kindergarten classmate this year.

She reminded us of what Cooper would have wanted, to “make everybody happy.”

Julia Gorman

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