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Unique Valentine’s Day ideas are nothing new to Binghamton

(WBNG) — It can be a challenge many face this time of year, what do you get or where do you take your special someone for Valentine’s Day? Sticking with traditional gift ideas isn’t a bad thought, but what is out there for those people wanting to switch it up a bit? Well, Binghamton has a couple of unique options if you’re thinking outside of the box. One idea ties together traditional gifts with a fairly well-known mascot.

“Get a Rowdy-gram for Valentine’s Day. So, they’ve been able to call in and request Rowdy, our mascot, to take some chocolates, flowers, and two tickets to a game in 2019 and deliver it to them,” said Eddie Saunders, Director of Community Relations for the Rumble Ponies.

Once called upon, Rowdy will show up to your home or work with the gift, bringing a special cheer and love he reserves specifically for Valentine’s Day, one of his favorite holidays. The Rumble Ponies have been letting Rowdy play the role of cupid to those who ask for it for the last handful of years, and it’s a holiday he really enjoys being a part of.

If you’re trying to go even more off the beaten path with ideas, the Binghamton Zoo has its Courtship Tails, an annual staple for Valentine’s Day.

“It just gives couples the opportunity to come and learn about courtship and the mating rituals of animals all around the world. The tours are about an hour and half long. You get a wine tasting, you get desserts and other treats,” said Rachel Davenport, Public Relations Coordinator for the Binghamton Zoo.

This tour has been going on for a number of years, and this year the zoo is including a special behind-the-scenes experience with their snow leopards.

All of the tours take place in either a heated van or inside, so there’s no trekking out in the cold. This event takes place over the weekend, not on the actual day of the holiday. Proceeds from this event go back to the zoo.

Organizers for both Valentine’s Day specials say it’s something unique your special someone won’t soon forget, even if dinner, chocolates, and flowers are a solid, but traditional idea. So why not give it a shot?

“It’s just very interesting. It’s not something that you would think of for a Valentine’s Day event,” said Davenport.

There’s still time to set a reservation and join the Courtship Tails Tour or even get a Rowdy-gram set up for Valentine’s Day. Give the Rumble Ponies’ main office a call at (607) 722-3866 to set up a visit from Rowdy for your special someone and call the Binghamton Zoo at (607) 724-5461 to make your reservation for the Courtship Tails.

Damon Matson

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