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Windsor teacher shows compassion with a special greeting every morning

WINDSOR (WBNG) — An English teacher at Windsor High School makes sure before her students hit the books, they’re welcomed into her classroom in a special way.

Kristy Angelo-Symons has been a teacher for 19 years at the Windsor Central School District.

“I love coming into work,” she said.

After seeing a video online she found inspiration for her students.

“Every kid just wants to know that they matter and I think that this is a great way to show them,” said Angelo-Symons.

She starts off her morning with a different kind of lesson.

“She would ask you which one you want,” said ninth-grade student Ashton Davies. “A high five, fist bump, a pose or just a straight up hug and I don’t think that this has really been done before so it’s a interesting way to be nice to your students.”

Students either pick numbers one, two, three or four before entering the classroom. In return, they get a special greeting from their teacher.

“This is a quick second that I can just say you matter when you walk into this room and I mean I love my kids and this is just a way that I like to show them,” said Angelo-Symons.

It’s a second that means the world to her students.

“I like having her greet us in the morning and like letting us choose which way we greet her because not a lot teachers give you that warm welcome,” said ninth-grade student Kayla Mckercher.

“I hope it encourages them to be kind like that to someone else,” explained Angelo-Symons.

Her ninth grade students are already a step ahead.

“It makes us feel like we need to share it with everyone else in the school,” said ninth-grade student Kayla Dean. “We have to have our positive attitudes, smile, and we can greet each other like that also.”

Esperanza Gutierrez

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