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The Rumpel brother connection

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – The Rumpel brothers, Tyler and Brett, make up a little under half of Seton Catholic’s starting lineup. In their second year playing together on varsity they have been a big reason why the Saints captured back-to-back STAC titles.

“Take one of them off the floor and we are not nearly as successful as we have been, take both of them off the floor and forget about it,” said Seton Catholic head coach Chris Sinicki.

“We mini hoop in the basement, drive way, 2k, Xbox like everything is always basketball, watching basketball is a big part of our lives,” said Seton Catholic senior Tyler Rumpel.

“We compete at practice, we compete at home and it is good having a brother on the team,” said Seton Catholic sophomore Brett Rumpel.

Tyler is two years older and during his third season on Varsity he was joined by his little brother Brett.

“We just have that chemistry that when we play together we are always looking out for each other and everything and even with Marcus and Tommy we have been playing together forever and we all have this chemistry and it is awesome and why we play so well together,” said Tyler Rumpel.

“They know how the other is wired so that is a good thing as well and it is certainly advantageous to us as a team and as a program,” said Sinicki.

The two have helped lead Seton to back to back STAC titles. Tyler leads the team in rebounds, while Brett scored 17 points in the STAC title game and together they helped shut down the high powered Owego offense.

“Owego has two of the best players in the area with Kobe and Christian and Brett and Tyler did a great job on them and held them to only 12 points combined so it starts with our defense,” said Seton senior Tommy Dempsey.

“Brett is a talented kid, loves the game and Tyler is a tenacious competitor and also a talented kid,” said Sinicki.

And when you ask who the better basketball player really is,

“I am never going to say that anyone is better than me so I am going to say me but he probably thinks it is him and that is how it should be,” said Brett Rumpel.

“Honestly probably him but I have beaten him a few times,” said Tyler Rumpel.

At the end of the day all they want is to see the other succeed.

“Last year in the state finals and regionals he played so well and that was just an awesome moment as a brother to watch that,” said Tyler Rumpel.

“We compete when we go against each other but we both want each other to succeed on the court,” said Brett Rumpel.

Rumpel and the rest of the Seton team will be in action Friday in the Section IV quarterfinals against Whitney Point.

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