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Cyber Cafe West up for sale after more than 20 years of business

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Cyber Cafe West in Binghamton is up for sale after more than 20 years of business.

Once a cyber cafe used for its computers, times have changed for the local restaurant. They now serve wine, beer and have WiFi.

While it’s been roughly two decades of good times, owner Jeff Kahn put the place on the market about a year ago.

As to why, Kahn says he wanted the market to adhere to him and his likes, rather than him working with the market.

“One of the things that the cafe needs is probably new direction, new energy and that’s not me I’ve used up my energy,” said Kahn.

He says he tried to change things up, but those changes weren’t as profitable as he needed.

Kahn explains he cared more about the atmosphere than the numbers and his debt added up.

On top of that, his unique mom and pop shop can’t stand up to big brands.

“It isn’t how the world works anymore, it doesn’t work that way financially and there are exceptions, you can see, look around you, chains taking over and pushing out,” said Kahn.

As for next steps for the business, “If there is that person with the vision and drive to do something of this, don’t do exactly what I’m doing, but the people, the food, the music, the kind of atmosphere, that person I’d like to work with, at this point entertaining all offers.”

For now, the cafe stays open 7 days a week.

Julia Gorman

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