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Doula speed dating helps expecting parents find support during pregnancy

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Tuesday night many in our area were able to speed date in a different way.

Doula speed dating is designed for couples expecting a child who are looking for a doula.

A doula is someone who offers emotional and physical support throughout the pregnancy, during labor and for awhile after birth.

Tuesday night’s event allowed couples to meet several doulas in the community for 5 minutes at a time. Having the expecting parents meet each doula individually helps them find one whom they match personalities with and feel comfortable with sharing their pregnancy experience with.

“I think it’s kind of a big decision to bring somebody into your house especially right after you’ve given birth,” says Felicia Coppola, an expecting mother. “It’s important to find somebody who’s a really good match for your family. But I think this is nice because it gives you an opportunity to meet the doulas in person and kind of get a variety of people and see what’s going to work best.”

The event was put on by Broome County Childbirth Advocates. It was the first time they hosted an event like this. To contact them or stay updated on future events, click here.

David Caya

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