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Elementary students stimulate their brains using motor labs at Binghamton City School District

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Elementary students in the Binghamton City School District are using motor labs to help with academic success.

Students go through nine different activities focused on developing motor skills, with each stimulating a different section of the brain. Experts say this is incredibly important for development.

“Those developmental skills that we do, crawling, rolling, you know, walking around the coffee table when we’re little. Those things are creating these pathways in our brains, and those pathways are needed to form connections so that they can learn when they get to school,” said Occupational Therapist Kimberly Wiggins

Research has discovered in only eight weeks of using the program, students’ abilities have shown improvement in letter identification, handwriting legibility, and academic behaviors.

The motor lab program started five years ago at Franklin Elementary school and has since been added to MacArthur and Roosevelt Elementary Schools. Officials with Binghamton City Schools say there are plans to soon add one to Wilson Elementary school.

Dan Conklin

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