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John and Brady Worthing – 12 Sports Athletes of the Week

TIOGA (WBNG) – Tioga finished its wrestling senior by winning the division two state championship and it wouldn’t have been possible without two individual titles from a pair of brothers.

“Most people think they are twins, they do everything together,” said Tioga head wrestling coach Kris Harrington.

John and Brady Worthing are two of New York State’s newest wrestling champions.

“It means everything, working hard everyday to get to what I want to do and complete my goal, it feels great,” said Tioga junior Brady Worthing.

“It is just a great feeling knowing you put all the work in and the hours spent it was just a lot of fun,” said Tioga senior John Worthing.

The Worthing brothers were familiar with the state tournament, which coach Kris Harrington credits as a big reason for their success.

“The first time you kind of figure out the venue and you figure out where the stairs are and just the routine because it is different than other tournaments,” said Harrington.

Brady was wrestling in the 2018 state tournament but John was just watching from the sidelines due to an injury.

“It gave me a different perspective that going to the tournament is not as easy as you think and it is not just a given thing,” said John.

“My heart broke for him last year and to see him face that and do it with dignity and class and then to come back and have both he and his brother win a state title it just felt great for me to see success there,” said Harrington.

Earlier that day Brady worked his way to a state title and had the pressure off him as he got to watch this brother’s championship match.

“I knew after he won I couldn’t go and get shown up by my little brother so I just went out and had fun,” said John.

When it was all over both John and Brady Worthing sat a top the podium.

“It was really great knowing that I accomplished my goals and got to where I was with all that hard work,” said John.

“Just completing a goal and being able to say that you are a state champ feels amazing,” said Brady.

“They have earned the state title and trained together and to be a part of the process for 12 months of the year we got to be pretty close and it felt nice to see them have this type of success,” said Harrington.

After his state title John will wrestle in the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic in just a few weeks where he will represent the New York All-Stars.

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