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Vestal vape shop fears proposed flavored e-cig ban could shut its doors

VESTAL (WBNG) — New York State is moving one step closer to banning flavored e-cigarette liquid.

Wednesday the State Senate Health Committee passed the bill that will now move to the full senate, with the goal of cutting the rising number of children using e-cigarettes.

The bill would ban all e-cigarette flavors except tobacco and menthol if passed.

“With the flavors of the e-cigs they’re incredibly attractive to youth,” said Broome County Tobacco Control Educator Sharon Fischer. “They smell good they taste good and most youth think they’re harmless.”

Fischer said while the bill wouldn’t completely fix the problem, “Banning flavors will definitely be a step in the right direction.”

Health experts warn these flavored liquids contain dangerous chemicals that pose serious medical risks.

Fischer is hopeful getting rid of the flavored products can help fight the vaping crisis in young people.

Jake Severson, manager of the Vestal Parkway Vapor King agrees vaping shouldn’t be for everyone, but said this bill is going too far.

He told 12 News, “I feel like it comes in the way of adults making their own decisions when it comes to that.”

Severson said for many people, e-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking. “Our goal is to help people quit smoking cigarettes at the end of the day that’s what this is this isn’t about trying to get everyone hooked on this,” he explained.

The majority of Vapor King’s merchandise is flavored e-cigarette liquids, meaning a ban could be the end.

“Most businesses like this would have a very hard time continuing beyond the bill being passed for sure…
pretty sure that we would close,” said Severson.

We will continue to follow the bill as it makes its way to the senate floor.

Currently, e-cig brand leader JUUL has already pulled the majority of its flavors from vape shops and gas stations across the country.

Chloe Vincente

Chloe Vincente is an Evening News Anchor at 12 News.

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