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Cat found shot and paralyzed, gets second chance

TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — A cat found with a gunshot wound and his back legs paralyzed is getting a second chance at Willow’s Wings Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

Willow’s Wings took in the cat named Oakley after he was found just miles away from the animal sanctuary.

“I received a Facebook message from a family that lives about two miles from here, who had gone out to their barn and come across a cat who appeared to be paralyzed. He was hiding and seeking a safe place,” Willow Sullivan, of Willow’s Wings, said.

When they reached out to Sullivan, she knew she had to help.

“The x-ray revealed that there was a pellet that had entered one side of his body, was embedded in the other side and had just missed the spinal cord,” Sullivan said.

Thinking about why this happened to Oakley, makes Sullivan upset.

“It makes you sick to your stomach,” Sullivan said. “It makes you want to cry. Here’s a defenseless animal that a cruel humane, I assume, probably tried to kill.”

Sullivan said she hopes whoever did this can be held responsible.

“It is illegal to have shot this cat and I certainly wish we could find out who did it. We do know that neighbors in the area are asking around and trying to find out if they can figure out who did this, but the odds we find out who shot this cat are very slim,” Sullivan said.

After being treated at the vet, Sullivan brought Oakley to Willow’s Wings, where she’s rescued dozens of other paralyzed and disabled animals. Sullivan said there’s a possibility Oakley will recover with a second chance.

“Hopefully once the swelling goes down, once we get him built back up again, that it is very possible he will walk again,” Sullivan said.

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