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Binghamton bakery and deli now offering fish on Wednesday’s during Lent

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Since the 1980s Di Rienzo Brothers Bakery and Deli has sold fried fish on Friday’s throughout the year.

With Lent starting today, the deli is now selling fried fish on Wednesday and Friday.

Fried pieces of fish were constantly coming out of the fryer on Ash Wednesday as hungry customers walked through the door.

Fish is sold by the pound, you can just go through the line and pick out the fish that’s right for you.

“We sell it by the pound and they could buy salads, french fries, coleslaw, this and that and its so much a pound. If you want half a pound then you pay for what half a pound is, They come in they pick out a piece, or they could call and say I’ll be there after work.” said Anthony Di Rienzo the president of the Di Rienzo brothers company.

Fish sales start at 10:30 a.m., due to it being Lent if you want fish it might be a good idea to call the deli phone number since they could run out.

Chris Overby

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