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Binghamton mayor works with Boscov’s CEO, NYS to keep store open

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Boscov’s department store in downtown Binghamton is crumbling, but Mayor Rich David has a plan to get it back on its feet.

David says the buildings list of issues range from a crumbling roof to electrical and escalator problems and more.

He adds the space where Boscov’s stands is publicly owned, so the store is just a tenant, making the repairs not their problem.

Highlighting all it brings to our area, Mayor Rich David says, “Boscov’s currently has between 150 and 200 full and part time employees depending on the season and generates just under a million dollars in sales tax revenue on an annual basis.”

With repairing the store as the goal, David says the city needs help.

“The city can’t do it by itself and so what we’re talking about is bringing people together, leveraging public and private money to ensure the economic activity continues in downtown for the foreseeable future.”

David says either the store will stay open, or close for good and moving to another location like the Oakdale Mall is not an option.

With the repairs coming with a multi-million dollar price tag, Mayor David traveled to Albany last week to meet with the governor’s staff alongside CEO Jim Boscov to find a solution.

Boscov says, “I think we can achieve this, I think we’ll continue to put money into it with the help of the state and the help of the city,” adding, “we’ve really come to love the city of Binghamton, our coworkers there are terrific, our customers are loyal and wonderful and we’re not interested at a time when other companies are busy closing, we’re not interested in closing stores.”

There are still more meetings to be had between the three groups working on this project.

Until they can come to a conclusion, Jim Boscov says he plans to sign a short term, one year lease come April.

Julia Gorman

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