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Greater Binghamton Fund plans to bring changes to Washington Ave. in Endicott

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — The Greater Binghamton Fund is awarding $20 million for revitalization projects across Endicott, Johnson City, and Binghamton.

12 News caught up with some businesses on Washington Ave. to see how some projects were going.

“We’re excited for the big changes and we’re ready for it however long it does take.” Joe Foti, business manager of the Endicott Performing Arts Center, said.

EPAC will receive about $130,000 for a new LED marquee sign.

“The new marquee is just going to let us know that everybody is aware of what’s happening in town and at EPAC,” Foti said.

Just a few doors down from EPAC is The North Brewery, where renovations have already begun.

The owner of the brewery, Zach Pedley, said he recently installed a storefront garage door. Crews were at the brewery on Wednesday working on installing new floors.

Projects at the brewery will also allow for more beer making and distributing.

“We’re now getting more fermentors, more tanks in. We have a canning line,” Pedley said.

Pedley said the canning line will be installed within the month.

“We’ll be pumping out a lot more beer. It used to be you could get our beer once in a while in Rochester and locally here, but now we’ll be distributing a lot more to the Rochester area, the Syracuse area and more locally here,” Pedley said.

While other big plans are in store for Washington Ave. one business owner remains skeptical.

“It’s kind of difficult sometimes as far as foot traffic goes. It’s not the best environment, I’d say, for small businesses,” Josh Ruff, owner of Renaissance Studios, said.

Ruff said revitalization all depends on how the funds are spent.

“I think it could maybe turn around a little bit, but it’s really up to the leadership of Endicott to make that happen,” Ruff said.

We reached out to Endicott officials, including the mayor, but did not hear back.

Grace Gagnon

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