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Lawmakers taking steps to crack down on spam calls

(WBNG) — Spam calls are on the rise and some of them are actually trying to trick you into opening up your wallet. Now there’s a push to end them.

Many of the calls are people or machines posing as agencies, and some of them even threaten to take legal action if you don’t respond, or do what they ask. But in reality, it’s often times just a scam.

“Most people are just scared. And they use fear tactics so there’s always a sense of urgency and people are afraid by not adjusting the call something could happen that would affect them later on,” said lead technician at 607 Tech Solutions, Mathew Jachimowicz.

And it’s not just happening to cell phones.

“As a business it’s a hindrance. There’s multiple times a day where I’m getting phone calls that have nothing to do with business whether I’m dealing with customers or even on the phone with somebody and have to switch off. As a business getting these calls all day you have to start wondering if you should even bother answering them depending on the caller ID,” said Jachimowicz

Democratic Congressman Anthony Brindisi says enough is enough.

“We’re pushing for this new FCC rule to really have more authority over these foreign countries that are pushing these annoying robocalls,” said Brindisi.

Brindisi says most of these calls stem from overseas, but they use your area code to make themselves seem more legit.

“It’s a neighbor scam so they have our caller ID. Really the most you can do is add contacts and only answer calls that you know, and most of the time you don’t need to answer random calls,” said Jachimowicz.

Not only is Brindisi pushing for the Federal Communications Commission to create new regulations and legislation, he is also co-sponsoring a task force to find a solution.

“Study ways that we can help crackdown on these annoying robocalls but also create better coordination between the various federal agencies that are responsible for regulating this industry,” said Brindisi.

In the meantime, experts at 607 Tech Solutions say there are smartphone apps you can download like “Robocaller” that reduces the amount of unwanted calls to your phone.

You can also register your phone number on the national do not call list for free by clicking here.

Annie Flaherty

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