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Chenango Bridge Elementary students spread kindness through ‘Positivity Wall’

CHENANGO (WBNG) — Chenango Valley Central School District students are using sticky notes to make a difference.

The Student Council at the Chenango Bridge Elementary came up with the idea to create a ‘Positivity Wall’.

On the wall are sticky notes, each one has a special message to brighten another person’s day.

“Some kids may be feeling down some days and they get to come by the wall and they get to see some positive notes and maybe they can lift up their spirit kind of and make them more positive,” said Melissa Giammarino, a fifth-grade student.

It’s an idea student council members came up with.

“Most of my friends have been going to the office and getting a post it note and writing something positive and they’ve been very proud of themselves after they’ve written one,” she said.

The kind messages within the school are making a big difference.

“It just makes you feel good inside,” said Student Council Advisor Katy Heller. “Just to say, like to hear, the kids saying, oh my gosh Ms. Heller put a note on here, I took a note, look at the one I took, the fact that they took one that means a lot to them means a lot to me as well.”

“I think it’s a fun opportunity for me and other kids in student council to share the positivity with some other kids in our grade and our classes,” said fifth grade student Miles Garnar.

Heller hopes these messages inspire students.

“You don’t necessarily need post it notes to stay positive but just taking in the messages that they’re reading and that they can pass a long to their friends and family,” said Heller.

Garnar says the sticky notes will go beyond the classroom.

“Just a little bit of kindness can make someone happy,” said Garnar.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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