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En-Joie grounds crew prepares for the season

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — With daylight saving time behind us, and as nicer weather is approaching, many people are looking forward to getting outdoors.

“Everybody’s getting the itch right now. I’ve got my clubs cleaned and ready to go,” said En-Joie Golf Club member Frank Chesk.

Over at the En-Joie Golf Club, crews have been working through the fall and winter to get the greens ready for its golfers.

Most of the cleanup involves removing tree debris.

“We have a lot of leaves still on the ground. Last fall we weren’t able to get out there and clean up as much as we normally would. a lot of sticks, big branches down,” said En-Joie Golf Club Superintendent Anthony Chapman.

Branches are turned into wood chips by thee crews and taken off the course.

Throughout the fall and winter, 16 trees around En-Joie were removed completely.

“They’re hazardous, they could fall over. Some of them are rotten, some have ash borer, so we look for trees that have hollowed out and may pose a danger to the golfers,” said Chapman.

The work doesn’t stop there. When the trees are removed, there’s still a stump that could be both a danger and an eyesore to the course.

“We’ll grind the stumps down to about a foot and a half below the surface, and either plant grass on top of that, or sod,” said Chapman.

Besides all the debris on the course, there’s still some snow. But both golfers and Chapman say that’s not too big of a problem, as long as nicer weather holds out.

“Thankfully there’s not a lot of snow out there right now, but it is kind of wet, the frost is kind of lifting a little bit, and hopefully we don’t have as many major snow storms as we have had in march in the past,” said Chapman.

“I think the snow cover is diminishing so I think we’re just about on schedule,” said Chesk.

Chapman says it’s still too early to set an opening date for En-Joie, but he’s hopeful it will be within the first two weeks of April.

Annie Flaherty

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