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Community members react to Binghamton crash that left teen dead, injured another

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — 12 News is hearing from community members dealing with the tragic car crash Monday that left one teen dead and another seriously injured.

Friends say Harper Stantz and Britney Laserinko were walking on the sidewalk when they were hit by a driver Monday afternoon.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Binghamton School District announced Stantz died from her injuries.

Reacting to the crash, a friend of Stantz’s dad, Michael Starke said, “my heart just stayed without emotion, my stomach and heart dropped to the bottom of my body, I just felt sick to my stomach.”

While Starke has never met her, he still feels the loss.

“She just seems like just an incredibly brightful, fun-filled, effervescent, young person whose life ended way too early.”

A GoFundMe page was started by a close friend of girls to help pay for medical bills, you can donate to it here.

Julia Gorman

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