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Concerned citizens speak out against installing wind turbines in Broome County

WINDSOR (WBNG) — Plans to bring 33 wind turbines to the towns of Sanford and Windsor are underway.
The large machines can harness wind power to produce clean energy, but the plans have been met with backlash.

Wednesday night, several dozen citizens attended Windsor’s town board meeting to make their voices heard in opposition to the turbines.

Many presented their own research about property values and health effects from the turbines. There was also backlash toward Calpine Corporation, the company in charge of the project. Those against the project pointed to past problems with the corporation.

“You have to say no to it because they’re heavily subsidized, the tax rates aren’t going to change, our property values are going to decrease, and the only people making the money are the energy companies and the lobbyists and the bankers,” says Rich Cleri of Deposit.

The town board took time to listen to the concerns, but the final decision on the turbines will ultimately not be theirs. The decision will be made by a siting board appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, who wants to move New York State toward clean energy.

Wind energy has also been part of Windor’s comprehensive plan since 2006.

“We have many forms of energy that we have said we approve having in our town. So we have to be true to that. But it has to be done right. And that’s why you need to listen to the people,” says Carolyn Price, town of Windsor supervisor.

The town board says that they plan to take the community’s concerns into further conversations with Calpine Corporation and state agencies.

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