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Cornell Cooperative Extension held hemp information session

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Cornell Cooperative held a hemp information session on Wednesday.

A group of educators from Cornell came into the area in order to spread education about the hemp industry.

The New York State Department of Agriculture had a representative talk about the regulations and permit process for the local hemp industry.

Those that attended expected to get the tools needed to start their own hemp business.

“What we are trying to do is just educate the farms and teach them about hemp, all the ins and outs, the soil preparation, the growing, harvesting and processing and more that come along side with hemp. So what we are trying to do is give them the tools needed to make a decision whether they want to grow hemp locally at their farms or if they don’t. it is up to them.” said Brian Aukema the Associate Director of Agriculture for Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Bringing hemp into the area will give farmers more options to grow in case they want to use the crop rotation method. There is also an opportunity for industrial growth and there’s financial benefits for local farmers.

Chris Overby

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