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It’s prime time to wash your car with the warmer weather

ENDWELL (WBNG) — Each day we get closer to spring and we’ve already had some warmer days, allowing folks to take advantage and wash their cars.

After weeks of sub-freezing weather and a constant build-up of salt, lines at the car washes will be filled in the coming days. At Enviro Auto Wash they know their busiest times are just getting started.

“Of course around lunch time, and then when people get out of work at five. So, uh, times of the year is Friday, Saturday, Sunday, after a snowstorm. We’re always our busiest,” said owner David Yacobelli.

Yacobelli’s business runs 24 hours, like some other car washes in the area. These hours, along with he option to either use the automated car wash or hand wash your car, allows folks to avoid the crowds if they wish.

With warmer temperatures in store for the next few days, get out and enjoy, and give that car a much needed bath!

Damon Matson

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