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Union-Endicott elementary school soon to have books on its buses

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — The Charles F. Johnson Jr. Elementary is making reading more accessible for its students.

Soon enough you’ll find books on nine of its school buses.

“I just think it’s a great thing,” said Union-Endicott Central School District Supervisor of Transportation Lisa Bennett. “I just think it’s a great initiative for the kids. It occupies them while they’re on the bus and it helps with their schooling.”

The secretary for the school’s PTA, Christine Smallcomb, was inspired by seeing something similar to this online.

“I loved the idea,” said Smallcomb. “Anytime to get books in the hands of our kids is great.”

Smallcomb flipped the page and brought the idea to reality. She also works at the elementary and says it will only help students.

“A lot of them have about 20 minutes they should read a night and if you don’t have those books at home, 20 minutes on the bus, you can do it and get in your 20 minutes right there,” said Smallcomb.

It’s something new for students to continue to learn.

“They love to have some more responsibility so if a fifth-grader can take responsibility to help pass out books or any of those things, it’s teaching leadership skills to them as well,” Smallcomb explained.

Students say they’re grateful for this new opportunity.

“I think it’s really awesome because like some kids don’t have access to books at home or can’t get to libraries,” said fifth-grade student Malayah Springer. “So they can read on the bus.”

Springer says it’ll be something new and exciting.

“I like getting books read to me more than actually reading the books and also just be like a good experiment, good experience,” said Springer.

The school is aiming to have the books on the buses next week.

School officials say other U-E elementary schools are expected to follow.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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