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Greene Elementary School hosts Chief Meteorologist Howard Manges and other community STEAM fields for Discovery Night

GREENE (WBNG) — At Greene Elementary School’s discovery night, families got to meet and learn from a familiar face most of you recognize.

WBNG’s own Chief Meteorologist Howard Manges was featured among many other community members in the STEM fields.

There, he got to share the science of weather with many young weather enthusiasts, like 5th grader Kristofer Nudel. He’s been fascinated by weather his whole life and says meeting his hero was “very cool, very amazing. I’m very happy.”

The line was at times out the door with people eager to ask questions, share their favorite types of weather, or just to take a picture.

“It was just mindblowing,” says 5th grader Aiden Carter. “I’m like, ‘no way. No way he’s gonna be here.’ And then next thing you know, he’s over there.”

Meeting Howard was just one of the many things to do Thursday evening. Nearly 500 people got to go between dozens of stations ranging from coding, to making slime, petting animals and augmented reality.

It’s a way for kids to show their parents what they have learned in school while learning something new.

David Caya

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