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Landscapers give tips on how and when to start planting gardens

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — With the Southern Tier experiencing a warm-up in temperatures Thursday, it’s safe to say spring is just around the corner.  That has many people wondering when they can bring their garden back to life, and start planting again.

12 News stopped by Robinson Hill Nursery and Mulch Thursday afternoon for some quick tips on when the right time is to start planting.

Experts say that the ground is still fairly frozen, which would make tilling the ground very difficult. They also say it’s important to prevent any weeds from growing.

“Well I would definitely make sure everything’s cleaned out, make sure you have nice rich soil,” Foreman Matthew Shagger explained. “You should always put a weed mat down before any mulching or decorative stone anything like that.”

They also warned of any impending frost, saying that an overnight freeze could kill anything you plant.

Dan Conklin

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