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Teachers learn about mental health and wellness

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — With mental health being a hot-button issue recently, local teachers are taking a proactive approach to understanding it.

Teachers from Maine-Endwell and Susquehanna Valley gathered at Maine-Endwell High School Thursday for a day full of activities and exercises.

The teachers learned from other local professionals how different areas of everyday life can affect the mental well-being of not only their students, but of themselves as well.

“Teachers are dealing with aging parents, and they’re dealing with mental health issues in their families. So we want to provide them with opportunities as well, to learn and be able to handle their own issues as well as whats going on in the classroom,” said Maine-Endwell Superintendent Jason VanFossen.

Some of the activities and workshops in which the teachers took part included yoga, art, finances, and physical fitness.

The teachers were also visited by two guest speakers, Brian Mendler and James Butler, who provided the teachers with strategies on building relationships with their students, and how to navigate difficult situations in the classroom.

Dan Conklin

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