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Greene Central School District’s former transportation supervisor “dismissed from service”

GREENE (WBNG) — On Friday evening, the Greene Central School District held a special board meeting where it announced the district’s former transportation supervisor, Jordon Lilley, was “dismissed from service.”

Shortly after the meeting began, the board went into an executive session to discuss a particular personnel matter. Following that session, the board announced its motion of dismissal.

“It is resolved that Jordon Lilley be found guilty in regards to the sole charge that be set forth in the notice of charge dated 9-21-17, and he is dismissed from service,” said Brian Milk, Board of Education President.

Lilley has been on administrative leave since 2017. Lilley says he was told to leave his job in June of 2017 after pointing out that a bus driver who he supervised was texting and driving at the wheel.

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The board did not comment further on the motion to dismiss Lilley. It also did not allow for public comment at the meeting.

“I don’t even know what to say, to be honest with you. It upsets me even just coming into the school anymore, you know this place was my life, I spent 13,14,15 plus hours a day here you know with the kids, with the staff, you know I love this place, I know it inside and out and I’d love to have my job back,” said Lilley.

Before the board went into an executive session, Lilley presented a signed petition which read, “this petition calls for the immediate resignation of Greene Central School superintendent Gordon Daniels for endangering the welfare of children for allowing texting while driving on a school bus.”

The board of education and Daniels told 12 News they had no comment regarding the petition.

Lilley says he plans on appealing the board’s decision.

Jackie Prager

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